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Cowboy Country Criminal Defense is a boutique law firm based in Casper, Wyoming. Our experienced attorneys are ready to go to battle for you. A criminal conviction can alter your life forever. It’s essential that you hire an experienced defense attorney who will zealously advocate for your interests.

Jeremy Hugus and the team at Cowboy Country Criminal Defense will fight aggressively to deliver the best results possible. Whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table, protecting your best interests and your future will guide everything that we do.

We’ll never take the easy way out and we will make sure you have the best legal defense possible.

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What do you need when the chips are down?


Determination and drive set Cowboy Country Criminal Defense above the rest. We fight for what we believe in and we believe in you.

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Up front, honest, and direct. We keep you informed in every step of the process - you're never left wondering what's next.

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We understand how helpless criminal charges can make you feel. Whether at trial or in negotiations, we shift the power to our clients.

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Results are the most important thing for any criminal defense law firm. We believe we'll win every case and have a stellar track record.

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  • "When I reached out to Jeremy, I felt helpless and hopeless. Jeremy gave me my voice back. I tried to take care of legal issues on my own but my situation only got worse. Hiring Jeremy was the best choice. He was professional, honest and made me proud to have him on my side."

    Carrie G.


  • "Mr. Hugus is a fantastic attorney, and genuinely cares about the clients he serves. He is both compassionate and knowledgeable, and works diligently to alleviate the stress of the legal system for his clients."

    Kelsey P.
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  • "Jeremy restored my faith in the legal profession! He handled my case with tenacity, sensitivity, and great skill. He knows the law well, works well with other attorneys but fights hard when he needs to."

    Jon Z.