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A Guide to Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Laws

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What Should I Know About Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Laws?

Sex offender registration laws are in place in Wyoming to help protect the public and prevent sex crimes. If you or someone you know has been convicted of a sex crime in Wyoming, it’s important to understand the state’s sex offender registration laws.

Who Must Register As a Sex Offender?

Any person who has been convicted of a sex crime in Wyoming must register as a sex offender. This includes individuals who have been convicted of a variety of sex crimes, including sexual assault, sexual abuse of a minor, rape, and indecent exposure.

What Are the Registration Requirements?

Wyoming law requires sex offenders to register with the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). This must be done within three days of being released from prison or within three days of establishing residency in Wyoming. If the offender is a non-resident but works or attends school in Wyoming, they must register within three days of beginning work or school.

Once registered, the sex offender must update their information with the DCI every year. This includes providing updated information on their address, employment, and any vehicles they own or use. Failure to update this information can result in criminal charges.

How Is the Public Notified?

Wyoming law allows for public notification of registered sex offenders. The DCI maintains a public website that lists all registered sex offenders in the state. This website includes the offender’s name, photograph, and information about their conviction.

Additionally, the DCI can provide information about registered sex offenders to schools, daycares, and other organizations that work with children. This is done to help ensure the safety of children and prevent further sex crimes.

What Are the Penalties for Non-compliance?

Non-compliance with Wyoming’s sex offender registration laws can result in serious consequences. Failure to register or update registration information is a felony offense and can result in imprisonment for up to five years.

If you or someone you know has been convicted of a sex crime in Wyoming, it’s important to understand the state’s registration requirements and comply with them. Failure to do so can result in criminal charges and imprisonment.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

If you have been convicted of a sex crime in Wyoming and are required to register as a sex offender, hiring a lawyer can be extremely beneficial. Here are some ways that a lawyer can help you if you are facing sex offender registration:

Explaining the registration process: A lawyer can explain the sex offender registration process to you and make sure that you understand your legal obligations. This includes when you need to register, how often you need to update your information, and what information you need to provide.

Reviewing your case: A lawyer can review the details of your case to determine whether you have any legal options for appealing your conviction or reducing your sentence. They can also review the terms of your probation or parole to ensure that you understand what is expected of you.

Advocating for your rights: A lawyer can advocate for your rights and ensure that you are being treated fairly. This includes making sure that law enforcement is following all of the required procedures and that your privacy is being protected to the fullest extent possible.

Helping with employment and housing issues: A lawyer can help you navigate the employment and housing issues that often arise when you are a registered sex offender. They can help you understand your legal rights and options for finding housing and employment.

Representing you in court: If you are facing criminal charges related to your sex offender registration, a lawyer can represent you in court and help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Hiring an experienced attorney can help you understand your legal obligations as a registered sex offender, protect your rights, and ensure that you are being treated fairly under the law. Call Cowboy Country Criminal Defense today at 307-333-7884 to schedule a strategy session!