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How to Choose an Affordable Wyoming Criminal Defense Attorney

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You have the right to have an attorney represent you if you are under arrest or facing criminal charges in Wyoming.

The time after an arrest could be very stressful.

You might have questions about how to choose an affordable Wyoming criminal defense attorney.

You might even question whether hiring an attorney is the best thing for you to do.

Your freedom is not cheap; it is invaluable. A conviction for any offense could cause you to experience significant hardships. You are more than the charges you face. The Wyoming criminal defense team with Cowboy Country Criminal Defense will work closely with you to develop a successful defense for any charge in Casper and anywhere in Wyoming.

How Do I Know If I Need a Lawyer?

Your best bet to avoid a harsh punishment or avoid a conviction altogether is by hiring a criminal lawyer to represent you. You should have a lawyer with experience and a wealth of knowledge by your side any time you appear in court, answer to criminal charges, or face police questioning. Any attempt you make to try to work things out by yourself might be disastrous. You will not be able to hire a cheap criminal defense attorney to unravel the mess.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

A criminal defense attorney is your advocate. A criminal defense attorney is the only person who stands between you and the long arm of the law. Criminal defense lawyers make sure that the playing field is level for you.

Maybe you think you will get the same results if you hire a criminal defense attorney cheap. A criminal defense lawyer with a lack of experience or resources might be inexpensive. However, you could pay a steep price with your freedom.


You cannot receive representation by the public defender unless the court rules that you are indigent. Even if you do not have a lot of money, hiring a criminal lawyer might be the best option.

Public defenders have minimal resources. They are often overworked and carry large caseloads. You might not receive the individualized attention from the public defender you will receive if you hire a criminal defense lawyer.


Criminal law and procedure in Wyoming are complex. Representing yourself means that you understand the relevant laws and procedural rules. The prosecutor cannot give you legal advice, and neither can the judge. You have nowhere to turn if you cannot research the law or have a question about a tactical decision.

People believe that they can represent themselves better than a lawyer can because they know what happened. However, you must present your case carefully and strategically. One wrong move means that you could lose your negotiating position or forfeit your rights.

Self-representation is way too risky. Allowing an experienced Wyoming criminal defense attorney to handle your case instead of representing yourself could make a tremendous difference for you and your future.

How Do I Determine the Cost of an Affordable Wyoming Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me?

The cost of an affordable Wyoming criminal defense attorney depends on many factors. An affordable criminal defense attorney must consider:

  • The severity of the charges;
  • The likelihood of a trial;
  • The chances of resolving the case before trial; and
  • The pre-trial litigation required to give you the best chance, such as arguing motions to dismiss and suppress.

Other considerations could play into the cost of a criminal defense lawyer. You have to consider the possibility you will regret hiring a defense attorney cheap rather than securing the services of a highly rated criminal lawyer.

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