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Do I Need a WY Attorney for My Bond Hearing?

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If you are attending a bond hearing, it is essential that you have an experienced Wyoming criminal defense lawyer on your side.

What is a bond hearing? you may ask. This is the proceeding to decide whether you will be able to remain free while your criminal case is pending.

The Wyoming Constitution guarantees the right to bail in all but capital cases. Therefore, people frequently assume they will quickly go free while they await charges. However, this is a mistake. You need to work to make sure the court sets the lowest possible bond. Don’t underestimate the importance of what happens at a bond hearing. Be prepared by hiring a strong Wyoming criminal defense firm.


In most cases, a bond hearing is a process for the court to address what happens to a person while awaiting trial. So let’s look at what happens at a bond hearing.

If you are the accused, you will have an opportunity to convince the court that you are not a danger to society and that the court can trust you to return to court for your hearing. It is not as dramatic as the trials you see on TV. However, it is equally important in many ways as you are hoping that a judge will set a reasonable bail so that you can leave freely as you prepare for trial.

It is true that Article 1, Section 14 of the Wyoming Constitution requires that courts not apply excessive bail. But the judge determines what that means based on your case and how you present yourself at the hearing. The judge may allow you to make a statement and present witnesses.

Why would you need witnesses at a bond hearing? Because it helps to have another vouch for you. The hearing is an opportunity for others to show that you have ties in the community and a job you need to attend to, for instance.

Mainly you need to prove to the judge that if they allow you out on bond, you will not run off and are worthy of the lowest bond possible. It is the job of a strategic, pragmatic, and focused criminal defense lawyer to help you with this process.


You likely would not dare attend any other criminal hearing without a defense attorney. After all, criminal proceedings are serious business. You are dealing with judges, lawyers, court staff, and more. By that same line of thought, a bond hearing is also a court proceeding.

Even if you are feeling confident that you can handle it on your own, you should think twice about doing so. It takes proper legal training to understand the process of:

  • Presenting information to a court,
  • Questioning witnesses,
  • Knowing how to combat prosecutors, and
  • Handling tough questions from judges.

A Wyoming criminal defense lawyer with a background in representing clients in these matters is your best resource in dealing with bond hearings in Wyoming.

Without legal training, it is very difficult for an accused person to handle all that goes on in a bond hearing. Even lawyers in other legal specialties contact an experienced defense lawyer to come to represent them or their clients in bond hearings.


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