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Best Tips after a Misdemeanor Charge

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Misdemeanors are less serious criminal charges than felonies.

However, “less serious” is a relative term. A misdemeanor can have many drastic consequences for a person, including making it difficult to secure employment or rent an apartment.

Misdemeanor convictions can also jeopardize a person’s ability to get or keep a professional license.

Misdemeanors can also result in jail time—up to a year in some cases.

Getting sent to jail is often the first domino to fall, but soon there is a cascade of negative results, including job loss, school interruption, or loss of child custody.

The financial fallout from a misdemeanor conviction can be immense.

For these reasons, anyone picked up for a criminal charge should hire a misdemeanor attorney right away.

A seasoned misdemeanor attorney can make the difference between staying out of jail or having your life dramatically disrupted.

As an experienced Wyoming criminal defense firm, we offer our best tips for what to do after a misdemeanor charge.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor? The Right to Self-Representation

Criminal defense suspects have a Constitutional right to represent themselves in a criminal proceeding.

They also have the right to some legal help, whether in the form of access to a law library or the appointment of standby counsel who can help guide a defendant in the right direction.

In our experience, a criminal defendant is much better off hiring a lawyer for a misdemeanor than trying to represent themselves.

It takes too much time to learn the law and understand all the intricacies of criminal defense.

Furthermore, an attorney is better able to identify whether the police followed the Constitution when gathering evidence or whether they violated your Fourth Amendment rights.

We have successfully lobbied judges to toss incriminating evidence when the police violated our client’s rights during interrogation.

If someone asked us, “Can I be a lawyer with a misdemeanor charge?”, we would answer, “Yes - but you should still contact us.” To mount the best possible defense, hire a Wyoming misdemeanor attorney right away.

Classes of Misdemeanor Charges

Wyoming does not have classes of misdemeanors. An attempt was made years ago to classify all misdemeanors, but that apparently has failed.

Nevertheless, some misdemeanors carry more serious penalties than others.

Unless otherwise spelled out in a statute, a misdemeanor carries a maximum jail sentence of 6 months and a fine of up to $750.

A defendant might also have to pay court costs or fees. The most serious misdemeanors result in a jail sentence of up to 1 year.

But a misdemeanor, by law, cannot result in more than 1 year in jail. If it does, then it is a felony.

To better understand the penalties you are facing, meet with a Wyoming misdemeanor attorney at Cowboy Country Criminal Defense to review the charges.

Tips When Choosing an Attorney

The right attorney makes all the difference when trying to fight misdemeanor charges. The best attorneys do not simply employ “one size fits all” defense strategies but instead immerse themselves in the facts of the case.

To choose the right misdemeanor attorney for you, remember the following:

  • Schedule a free consultation. You can discuss your case and ask questions, such as what type of punishment you are facing if convicted.
  • Ask the attorney about his or her experience. Experience matters. A divorce lawyer might be a great attorney who sounds confident, but he might not have any experience with criminal matters. Someone who has handled many criminal defendants will be a better choice since he has kept up with changes in the law and knows local prosecutors, which is a big help when negotiating a plea deal.
  • Request a realistic assessment of your case. An ethical lawyer will never lie or tell you that your case is a “slam dunk” win. Instead, a lawyer can discuss the odds of conviction based on the facts known at that time.
  • Ask about fees, but don’t get hung up on the money. Many people want to represent themselves because they don’t want to pay any attorneys’ fees. But think about all you can lose if you handle your case yourself and fail to drive a hard bargain. An attorney’s fees are usually quite reasonable.
  • Check online reviews but take them with a grain of salt. Often, the only people motivated enough to write a review are those who want to complain.

After meeting with a lawyer, trust your gut. Did you get along with the attorney? Did you find him persuasive? If so, you can go ahead and hire him or schedule more consultations with other lawyers.

Misdemeanor Attorneys You Can Trust

At Cowboy Country Criminal Defense, we have helped many defendants get out from under criminal charges.

We would be happy to discuss your case with you and offer a free consultation to get started. Contact us today.

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