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What Is Stalking in Wyoming?

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Relationships can be complicated, and sometimes they don’t always end well.

Sometimes relationships involve stalking charges and accusations. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this difficult time and protect your legal interests and rights.


Under Wyoming law, a person may face stalking charges if that person intends to harass someone else and behaves in a way that is reasonably likely to cause harassment.

Harassment occurs when a person:

  • Feels emotional distress,
  • Fears for their safety or someone else’s safety, or
  • Fears for the safety of their property.

Types of harassing behavior include:

  • Communicating in a harassing manner through verbal, electronic, or other means;
  • Following someone; or
  • Watching someone at their work, school, or home.

Behavior that qualifies as stalking is not always obvious. Sometimes someone accused of stalking does not realize that their behavior is illegal or otherwise inappropriate.

If someone accused you of stalking, you should speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney. Your attorney can help explain your charges and try to protect you from serious legal consequences.


To prove a stalking charge, the prosecution must show that a person intended to harass someone else and behaved in a way that was reasonably likely to cause the other person to feel harassed.

Often, proving stalking charges requires evidence showing a pattern of harassing behavior. For example, if someone follows another person to and from work, regularly passes by their house, or repeatedly tries to contact them, this behavior may be sufficient to prove a stalking charge. The prosecution must also show that the alleged stalking behavior would cause a reasonable person fear or emotional distress under the circumstances.

An experienced criminal defense attorney understands the requirements of proof and can identify ways to defeat a stalking charge.


When someone accuses another of stalking, a court may issue a restraining order to protect a victim.

Restraining orders prevent a person from contacting or approaching a victim. In addition to requiring someone to maintain a physical distance from a victim, the restraining order may prevent a person from visiting certain locations, such as:

  • The victim’s home,
  • The victim’s place of work, or
  • The victim’s school.

Normally, restraining orders in Wyoming last about three months. But depending on the circumstances, a court may extend the length of the restraining order.

If a person violates a restraining order, they may face penalties such as:

  • Up to six months in jail,
  • Fines of up to $750, or
  • A combination of fines and jail time.

An attorney can help explain the terms of a restraining order and help you avoid further criminal sanctions.


Stalking charges and restraining orders can be painful and difficult to handle on your own. At Cowboy Country Criminal Defense, we fight diligently to protect our clients’ interests.

Our attorney Jeremy Hugus has extensive experience fighting to deliver the best results for his clients. Our experienced staff will answer your questions and support you every step of the way.

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